• Environmental
  • Urban Development, Housing & Townships
  • Mining
  • Public Sector
  • Transportation


  • Environment - Policy and Law
  • Urban Planning - Policy, Law &         Practice
  • Project Development Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Legal and Policy Compliance
  • Logistics Support


OUR unique 'staff & associate' model is geared to tackle all known & unknown issues affecting the project 

We have developed Staff & Associate Model on the lines of common hub & spoke model. Each of our experienced Staff Member has number of associates from his core field, to apply varied and experienced minds to your issues.

SEASONED staff & associates

GRV scans for you the eco-system surrounding the issue/concern. We identify the law and policy, the procedure and precedents, the personnel and organisations linked to the issue.

Once we get the basic data, we put it through extensive brain-storming with our varied in-house and associated resource persons.

GRV assigns the execution level resources to pursue the ends identified. We monitor milestones and the deliverables. Our promise of timely delivery helps YOU GROW.

Understanding your business, issues and concerns is GRV starting point. We use surveys, interviews and observation to develop a common focus.

you grow

we scan

we brainstorm

we listen