Once we get the basic data, we put it through extensive brain-storming with our varied in-house and associated resource persons.

GRV assigns the execution level resources to pursue the ends identified. We monitor milestones and the deliverables. Our promise of timely delivery helps YOU GROW.

we brainstorm

Transportation & Logistics

In​dustries Served

we scan

GRV Real Infra offers consultancy services in areas of urban planning as well as environmental policy and law. For the real estate sector, we provide project development and management services as well as regulatory compliance assistance. 

Our Consultants have many years of direct experience at senior policy level Government, Public and Private Sector Positions which enable us to provide holistic solutions to our clients. We partner with them through the entire product cycle, for conceptualization and design, all the way through implementation and execution.

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GRV scans for you the eco-system surrounding the issue/concern. We identify the law and policy, the procedure and precedents, the personnel and organisations linked to the issue.

we listen 

Urban Development & Townships

you grow

Our Approach

Understanding your business, issues and concerns is GRV starting point. We use surveys, interviews and observation to develop a common focus.

Solid Waste Managment


Commercial Real Estate

After listening to and brainstorming with your team, we assign one Core Resource to your Project/Issue, who in turn identifies the right mix  of Associates

Simultaneously we start building the Logistic Analysis and providing the support at the basic minimum level. Without any major commitment  by you till this stage, we prepare a Blue Print for your approval. This  lays down the further road map with clear milestones.