Coal, Gas and Minerals are the fuel for fast growing emerging economies. India and China and other two of the BRICs are and will continue to offer many opportunities from prospecting to the finished commodity. Through our Staff and Associates we bring over 45 man years of experience to resolve your issues in this segment.


One of the former Prime Minister of India called the Public Sector as the Modern Temples. Inspite of liberalisation and increasing share of the Private Sector, Public Sector plays a dominant role in the Indian Economy. Public Sector continues to be the seller and buyer of many Projects and Services. Amongst our Staff and Associates we have many who headed or sat on the Board of PSUs. They collectively bring many years of rich experience to focus on the opportunities for you and to help you negotiate the maze.


This all encompassing field  - though may be classified as a Service - but has emerged as a major Industry Group, particularly in the Emerging Economies. We provide through our Staff and Associates a comprehensive support for all your issues Environmental.


As a consequence of fast growth  and rapid urbanisation, the transport demand not only in urban areas but all over the country have increased many fold. Multiple Agencies and Territorial Jurisdictions make these Projects tricky, but still hugely rewarding if properly negotiated. We provide full range of Services in this segment


Developing World is rapidly Urbanising World also. India estimates that by the year 2030 over 590 million Indians will live in cities. State of Maharashtra in India already has crossed 46% of its people living in small and large cities. Housing and provision of civic services - Sewerage Treatment, Solid Waste Management, Storm Water Drains along with the provision of Roads & Bridges, Water, Education and Health are rapidly replacing the rural focused agenda of both the Public and Private Sector. We guide our clients to successfully negotiate their Projects through the maze of continuously evolving policy and rules. Our Staff and Associates bring many man years of experience to help you in your issues.