Ravneet Gill- Non-Executive Director: After his MBA in Marketing from one of the top Indian Business Schools, joined Citibank Gold and moved on to work as VP in large Real Estate Company rising to be the President before leaving.  Brings Private Sector perspective as core strength to the 'Scanning' segment of our approach.

G S Gill - Director: After serving at various senior positions in the Government and Private Sector set out to play significant role in some of the very large Indian Companies. His Association with the GRV is as old as the Company. His work in the sectors like Urban Development and Housing, Transport, Medical Education, Ports and Mining has given him unique insight into the entire eco-system of these and other Sectors. After obtaining his Masters from Punjab University he pursued further education in the USA and UK - where he studied  various nuances of the Public Policy.

OUR unique 'staff & associate' model is geared to tackle all known & unknown issues affecting the project 

We have developed our Staff & Associate Model on the lines of common hub & spoke model.

Each of our experienced Staff Member has a number of associates from his core field, to apply varied and experienced minds to your issues.

Kiran Shinde - Senior Associate: After doing his post graduation in Regional Planning from the IIT Kharagpur, he successfully pursued career as professional planner for over 35 years working at senior positions in urban planning and valuation. As a Planner he worked on regional plans, development plans and even smaller town planning schemes at the project level. His contribution as conceptual thinker, ground zero planner and  actual implementer has immensely benefited his employers throughout. One of his latest roles has been identification of impact areas of large infrastructural projects such as Airport, Metro System etc. His expertise in  City and Regional Planning and Environmental Law is major asset for the Company in these Sectors.