If you are now entering this land of opportunities - INDIA - or have been here for some time, we can help you to lower your initial costs of entry. With our presence in one of THE BEST Business Districts in Mumbai - the hub of Indian business, we can provide all Office Services in the initial phases of your business. This not only saves you unnecessary overheads but also provides the best in the class services of Reception Desk, Business Desk and Conference and Communication facilities.

logistic support

environment - policy and law

In the fast globalising world and information sharing at the 'speed of light' enhancing your interest and reputation is our job. We help you to understand and fulfill all legal and policy compliances at the right time and with appropriate content. Policy and Law in India is not only fast changing in its content and stated objectives but also in interpretation and understanding of the existing laws. Our core Staff and Associates keep a tab on the day to day developments in the Law and Policy, so that you stay focussed on the main Objective.

Our core Staff and related Associates have extensive experience to provide life cycle Project Management Services. we guide you through the setting up management systems, recruitment, material procurement and marketing of your Product marketing. Our integrated approach ensures timely solution to project specific issues. 

project management services

We provide the full spectrum of services for Project Development in the Real Estate and Infrastructure Sectors. Our grip on ground level realities and knowledge of the 'dos and donts' put us in a unique position to help you in Land Assembly, Planning and Approvals, Evaluation and  Tendering.  

project development services

India is Urbanising - that is only an understatement. Given the large population base and concentration of services and jobs in the urban areas, even higher rate of urban growth is inevitable. This opens up proverbial 'pandora's box' of opportunities for investment while at same time also maze of hurdles. Our Sector Experts have in-depth knowledge of the past and present policy and law and to an extent also presiceinet about the future policy trends.

urban planning - policy, law & practice

In the Indian Context the Environment Policy and Law at best can be described as constantly changing. Starting with the basic law enshrined in the Environment Protection Act 1986, there are a number of ever increasing sector laws, and policy and regulation announcements from time to time. Our senior Staff and the Associates have seen this emerging over the last 35 years. We will bring their insight and solutions to your issues.

legal and policy compliance